PSi Tower is a Multi-Colored Shape-Shifting Skyscraper Planned for Hong Kong

This wouldn't be the first conceptualized idea for China that looks too good to be true. While the Mega-Straddle Bus may not be as grandiose as this shape-shifting skyscraper, they both command the same sense of wonder. This skyscraper is designed by one Michael Young, and he intends to put it in the hustle and bustle of downtown Hong Kong some time in the future.

The PSi Tower has a very interesting shape, which is the one thing that someone will recognize immediately. It's also very colorful. But when you start looking into those hexagonal shapes, the interesting parts start popping up. Young designed it in this way, because he intends on making the skyscraper literally shift as time passes throughout the day. The faces on the side of the building will move, so that the best amount of natural light will slip into the structure.

As for the rest of the tower, it will hold space for offices, as well as luxury apartments. And at the bottom there will be a wide-open area for pedestrians to walk through. You'll also find restaurants and public art exhibits inside. Not to spoil those in Hong Kong, but the new spire will also feature an outside theater area, as well as an open-air garden.

Young is planning to unveil the full plans for the shape-shifting tower in November, when he is going to present it to those who can make his dream happen. There's no word on how any of this is going to work yet, and pricing hasn't been discussed.

[via DVICE]