Mega-Straddle Bus Conceptualized for China, Fits 1,200 Passengers

China's a busy place. With millions of people already filling their giant cities, and with the population to explode in the next 30 years, those in charge are forced with a dilemma. How to make it so people can get to one place, to another, without running into one another every six steps. While they may not have every solution nailed down, at least one ingenious designer out there has an idea: the mega-straddle bus. And yes, it does pretty much what it sounds like.

As you can see from the image, the mega-straddle bus is designed to straddle the road, and therefore go over the cars that are travelling on the road as well. It would stand 13.5 feet tall, and be 18 feet wide, which would mean that it would take up two lanes of traffic. Not that that matters, mind you, considering that it would be travelling on some rails embedded into the sides of the road, and therefore be suspended over those lanes. However, the designer makes it so that the giant bus can still traverse below the country's overpasses.

If the idea isn't shocking enough, how about how many people they want these things to hold? 1,200. Not only that, but the mega-straddle bus would also be electrically powered. It would use relay charging stations throughout its trek across China, and allow for the train to stay charged as it made its way from one electrical conductor to another, always staying in contact with it. Though, we should mention that the rail system isn't hte only idea. Apparently, the designers have also thought about having the mega bus have wheels, and using a laser-sensing system to keep it within the painted lines, and not run over any other cars on the road. Apparently, this idea versus, say, going underground will save the Chinese government almost 90%, of whatever the underground idea cost. Huge savings, and we can see why they would want to get on this.

And while right now it may just be a concept, it won't be for long. That's right, the Mentougou district within Beijing, is already getting ready to lay down upwards of 186km of track, in which they will try a pilot program of the mega bus. Alog with the 90% savings in cost, it will also reportedly save up to 860 tons of fuel every year, which will subsequently reduce 2,640 tons of carbon emissions. A good plan all around, and we hope the trials go well. We'd love to see more of these mega buses running around China.

[via Mobile Magazine]