PS5's first major system update arrives with surprises

Yesterday, Sony confirmed a new software update for the PlayStation 5, touting that it would be the first major system software the console has received. Indeed, the update did seem to have the patch notes to support such a claim, with Sony revealing that the update would ship with support for USB storage and a bunch of new social features. The update is now live, but it appears that there's even more than what we were promised lurking within this update.

As reported by The Verge, the PlayStation 5's new update is actually shipping with some big, previously-unannounced features. First up is an HDR change that allows the PS5 to automatically turn off HDR output when non-HDR content is detected. That is potentially a big time saver for PlayStation 5 owners who switch between HDR and SDR content frequently, so it'll be nice to have it along for the ride.

Arguably even bigger are the new HDMI-CEC features being delivered with this update. First up is a new feature called One-Touch Play. With this, you can automatically turn on your TV and switch to the proper input whenever you turn on the PS5. You have the option of turning on Power Off Link separately as well, which will put the PS5 into rest mode when you turn off the display connected to it.

Finally, Sony has apparently added 120Hz support for 1080p PC monitors, so you can actually tap into to higher frame rates if you have your console hooked up to a high refresh rate monitor. In addition to all of these unexpected features is the actual meat of the update, which is support for external USB storage that will allow PS5 users to transfer their games between the SSD on the PS5 and whatever compatible USB drive they might have on hand.

There's also a bunch of new social features hitting the PS5 today, along with a few new features on the way to the PlayStation app. You can read about all of those in our coverage from yesterday, but otherwise, this system software update is available to download and apply now.