PS5 restocked, but in bundles to stop the scalpers

Those of you looking to get your hands on a PS5 might want to check GameStop right now. The retailer apparently has some PlayStation 5 consoles in stock, but as is usually the case with GameStop, those consoles are only available in bundles. While that makes the upfront cost of getting one of these PS5s quite a bit higher than just buying the PlayStation 5 on its own, it could ultimately make it easier to get one as long as you're willing to pay extra.

GameStop's bundles are usually priced fairly for what you get, so you don't necessarily have to worry about overpaying. Obviously, it's preferable if you actually want everything that comes in with the bundle, especially because GameStop won't let you return any single part of the bundle without returning all of the contents of the bundle.

In any case, GameStop has three different bundles on offer today. There's one that includes a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, two DualSense controllers, 12 months of PlayStation Plus, a $50 PlayStation Store gift card, and a $20 GameStop gift card for $599.99. That's the cheapest bundle GameStop has on offer today, as the other two bundles include the standard PlayStation 5 with a Blu-Ray drive.

The second bundle up for grabs includes the console, two DualSense controllers, Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and a $20 GameStop gift card for $729.99. The final bundle is the biggest of the three, and it comes with the console, two DualSense controllers, Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, Hitman 3, The Avengers, and a $20 GameStop gift card for $759.99.

We're currently seeing these bundles flash in and out of stock, but GameStop says that it will be periodically adding more stock, so keep an eye on these listings. Good luck to those who are trying to snag a console, and we'll let you know when PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are back in stock elsewhere.