PS5 launch title Destruction AllStars has been delayed

Today the PlayStation 5's launch game lineup was thinned out a little bit, as Sony announced the delay of Destruction AllStars. The game has been delayed by a couple of months, meaning that we won't see it release until we're into 2021. While other PS5 launch titles have been getting the lion's share of attention – Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sony's Demon's Souls remake, to name a couple – it definitely still stings to see any launch title get delayed.

This could ultimately be good news for customers interested in picking up Destruction AllStars, because as it announced the delay today, Sony also revealed that when the game does launch in February 2021, it'll be offered through PlayStation Plus.

Not only that, but Destruction AllStars will be available through PlayStation Plus for two months instead of the usual one month window. So, if you were looking forward to Destruction AllStars, you do have a longer wait ahead of you, but at least when it launches in February you'll be able to get it as a perk for your PlayStation Plus subscription.

Sony didn't give a more specific release date outside of that February 2021 window, nor did it say why the game has been delayed. However, in a PlayStation Blog post, the company did say that those who have already pre-ordered the game through the PS Store, the PlayStation website, or through retail will have those purchases refunded.

We're told that a new trailer for the game will be launching next week, so we'll keep an eye out for that. We'll also let you know when Sony announces a new release date for Destruction AllStars, so stay tuned for more.