PS5 gets Spider-Man 2 trailer with Venom and a new Wolverine game tease

Insomniac Games announced today that they're not only working on Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5, they're also working on Wolverine! Much like the now hit-release Spider-Man game series from Insomniac, the (also Marvel Comics-sourced) Wolverine will appear in his own stand-alone game. And Spider-Man 2 will have Venom – VOICED BY THE ORIGINAL CANDYMAN!

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will include both Peter Parker and Miles Morales in a single-player adventure title. The game will feature the same voice actors for the two main characters, as well as Tony Todd (CANDYMAN) as the voice of VENOM!

This could be an article in an of itself, given the pathways traveled to future use of voices after a major character in a video game. This could mean that Tony Todd becomes Venom in animated movies, TV series, and more. For now, we have a very long wait.

This game will be released "exclusively to PlayStation 5 consoles" in what seems like an eternity from now. The release date for Spider-Man 2 is the year 2023. That's at LEAST a year and a few months between now and when we're able to wrap our claws around the wild action we're seeing in the trailer today.

The game Marvel's Wolverine is quite a ways away from release. They've made an "announcement teaser" for the game – and that's it. The announcement teaser looks pretty awesome, but mostly because it does not include anything other than some very basic looks at the aftermath of a bar brawl where Logan's destroyed everyone, and draws his claws in anticipation of another battle.

There is no expected release date for Wolverine. Given the amount of work put in to Spider-Man 2 and the shape of the trailer, we're guessing we wont see Wolverine until the year 2024, at earliest. We're really, truly hoping that we're wrong – but we shall see!