PS5 bags fastest-selling console in US history record from NPD

Its already delayed launch may have been considered by some a disaster and units are still difficult to come by due to various factors but Sony can rest a bit easier now that the PlayStation 5 is standing on very solid ground. Part of its supply problems can be attributed to higher demand and, according to the NPD research group, the PS5 is indeed the fastest-selling console in the US so far, and that's just within five months of being in the market.

Yes, the PS5 has only been in the market for five months but it almost feels like an eternity. The console's launch was marred by a shortage in supplies which were caused by uncoordinated launch schedules and scalpers taking advantage of the market situation during a pandemic. A global ship shortage is now part of the factors that spell trouble for the console but, at least as of today, it's apparently doing more than just great.

The NPD didn't exactly disclose numbers but, at least according to Sony, it was looking at 7.6 million units by the end of March. Not only did it have the fastest-selling number of units, it also had the fastest-selling consoles in terms of dollar sales, making the most money selling that number of units. That it was able to do it just five months earned it that distinction in gaming history, at least in the US market.

That US gaming market, in general, also set records of its own. With a record $680 million, not only were hardware dollars sales 47% higher compared to the same period last year, it also broke the $552 million set way back in 2008.

NPD did throw Nintendo Switch fans a bone, crowning it the best-selling, even if not fastest, hardware platform in March for both units and dollar sales. For the first quarter of 2021, it also sold the most units while the PS5 made the most dollars. Unfortunately, there wasn't any mention of the Xbox Series X|S in the report.