PS4 owners can play online this weekend without PS Plus

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 19, 2016, 11:13 am CST
PS4 owners can play online this weekend without PS Plus

If you’re a PS4 owner that hasn’t felt like shelling out money to play online, it’s your lucky day. Well, I guess the next three days would be lucky. Sony has decided that in order to properly celebrate the release of Street Fighter V, they’re going to allow everyone to play online, without needing to subscribe to PlayStation Plus.

One of the big things that made Sony stand out during the previous generation of consoles was the fact that you didn’t have to pay anything to play online. Those on the Xbox 360 were forced to pay a monthly sum in order to play games with their friends. This made the PS3 a cheaper gaming choice, as you didn’t need to shell out anything to access multiplayer (or services like Netflix, which was also locked behind a Gold account for a long time, on the 360).

Times have changed, and Sony started requiring PS Plus for multiplayer when the PS4 launched back in 2014. But if you’ve picked up Street Fighter V, or any other game that you want to play online, you’ll be able to do so until until midnight Pacific time on Sunday.

If you decide that online multiplayer is something you have to have, once Monday rolls around, PS Plus subscriptions run $9.99 per month, or $49.99 per year. It comes with a variety of other bonuses, including free games every month for PS Plus subscribers.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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