PS4 has outsold the Xbox One nearly 2 to 1

Chris Scott Barr - Jan 29, 2016
PS4 has outsold the Xbox One nearly 2 to 1

In the great Console Wars, there are really only two names that matter. Nintendo has always been an outlier, as they target different audiences, and rarely support the same games as the other two. Unfortunately, in this round, Microsoft has declined to decline releasing official sales numbers for the Xbox One, so it makes it harder to judge how each side is faring, in comparison to the other.

In a recent financial call, EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen gave us enough information that we can deduce how each side is doing. Here’s what he had to say: “The console purchases are up through the end of calendar year ’15. Our estimate is 55 million units out there which has exceeded virtually everyone’s forecast for the year and now almost 50 percent higher than previous console cycle so, all of that is very, very positive.”

That 55 million units represents a combined total of Xbox One and PS4 sales. Earlier this month, Sony announced that they had sold 35.9 million PS4’s since the console was launched. With the figure from EA, we’re able to deduce that Microsoft has sold around 19 million Xbox Ones thus far.

While it does look a bit bad that Sony has sold nearly twice as many consoles this generation as Microsoft has, it’s still good news for both companies. As Jorgensen pointed out, both are doing significantly better with the current generation than they were last time around.

VIA: Ars

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