PS4 2017 exclusives revealed, excludes Detroit, Dreams

The holiday season might be over, but, for gamers, that really only means that the sales are done. The new year also heralds the arrival of new titles that have once been teased and will soon become real. That is practically Sony's message when it gave an appetizer of a video showing off the PlayStation 4 exclusives that fans can look forward to this year. That is, if all goes well. Unfortunately, the editors over at Sony missed the erroneous inclusion of two titles, briefly raising false hopes.

It's a sizable list, even without those two. Most of these are simply "coming in 2017" with no fixed date yet. Given how game development goes, dates usually slip past deadlines. But companies usually do target peak gaming seasons to take advantage of the synergy among gamers and buyers.

The two games that were included in the PlayStation EU's video montage were Detroit: Become Human and Dreams. These two haven't given any confirmation for a 2017 launch, so naturally gamers were curious. Amusingly, Sony's PlayStation chief Shuhei Yoshida himself called out PlayStation EU's mistake. Hopefully heads won't roll.

Here's the full list of exclusives to look forward to this year. Xbox gamers will have to wait and see if Microsoft comes up with a similar marketing campaign.

• Gran Turismo Sport

• Hellblade: Senua's Sacrfice

• Drawn to Death

• NieR: Automata

• Yakuza 0

• Farpoint

• Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

• Matterfall

• Gravity Rush 2

• Wipeout: Omega Collection

• MLB: The Show 17

• New Everybody's Golf

• Pyre

• Persona 5

• Nioh

• World of Warriors

• Nex Machina

• Knack 2

• PaRappa the Rapper

• Starblood Arena

• Horizon Zero Dawn

VIA: Hardcore Gamer