PS3s Not Doing Well On eBay

Staff Editor - Dec 29, 2006
PS3s Not Doing Well On eBay

Just nights ago, a brand spanking new Playstation 3 sold for $50 below retail when it left its eBay auction. This is amazing news considering a month ago, people would pay thousands more for this piece of electronic equipment.

What is happening to Sony? Just a single month ago, their product soared above the rest, price wise, and now they are going for below retail. Are these products not good enough? Does nobody want to pay to high price tag Sony has put on them? What has made the demand so low?

If you look at this from the seller’s perspective, are these consoles worth buying at retail, than reselling? No. Now if you see this from the buyer, would you buy something when you don’t even want to pay retail for it? I say no again. What happened Sony?

eBay Watch: 20GB PS3 Sells for Below MSRP [Via: Tech E Blog]

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