PS3 vs Xbox 360 - livingroom showdown

You don't have to browse many message boards to figure out that die-hard fans of either the Xbox 360 or the PS3 don't really get along with those that use the other system. Who knew that the consoles themselves don't get along either?

John Davison of 1up found this out the hard way. He keeps both is 360 and PS3 in his entertainment center. They are both enclosed in a cabinet, which he knows isn't good for them when they are running. Well, the 360 does just fine while closed up, but his PS3 heats up very quickly, so he must leave the door open when playing it.

Unfortunately his son decided to pick up his SIXAXIS controller and pretend to play along with his brother while he played on the Xbox 360. Well, he hit the PS button kicking on the PS3, and after a short while heated up so much that it fried his 360. Ouch.

So the next time you are setting up your entertainment center, remember two things. Keep your consoles in well-ventilated areas and keep your 360 and PS3 separated. They really don't get along.

My PS3 just killed my 360 [via 1up]