PS3 users to get free God of War song for GH III

Chris Scott Barr - May 23, 2008

Last November Xbox 360 users were able to download the Halo theme song as a free track for Guitar Hero III. This of course left PS3 users scratching their heads wondering when they were going to get a free track. Of course they knew they wouldn’t be getting the Halo track, since that was a 360-exclusive title. Well fear not faithful PS3 owners, your time will come June 5th.

So what game theme song will you be getting? God of War. Now exactly what song this is, we’re not entirely sure. However, since June 5th isn’t all that far away, we’ll find out soon enough.

So what other video game songs would you guys want to hear? Personally, I’d love to play this version of the Zelda theme. Come on, Zelda+Metal=Awesome. Then again, this one would be great for Rock Band or GH World Tour.

[via Kotaku]

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