PS3-quality mobile gaming in next 5 years predict Qualcomm

You can't accuse Qualcomm of not looking ahead.  While their Snapdragon chipset was in strong attendance at their London event today, they were also rolling out some particularly impressive predictions for the future of mobile chipsets.  Qualcomm expect the mobile chipsets of 2011 to 2013 to be capable of gaming performance on a par with the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3, thanks to a new breed of dual-CPU SoCs with high-performance 2D and 3D crunching.

In fact, the next-gen Qualcomm chipsets will have separate 2D and 3D GPUs.  The company say that, rather than leave 2D crunching to the primary CPU, splitting it off into a dedicated GPU means that oft-overlooked tasks like font handling, menu navigation, mapping tile generation and scaling, and web page rendering all happen far more swiftly.

Meanwhile the GPUs will both be available for non-graphics use, with Qualcomm also looking into OpenCL for offsetting core processing tasks to the graphics chipsets.  The end result would be a far more flexible mobile device, plus a heavily connected one too: the gaming performance predictions also put such chipsets slap into the midst of Qualcomm's LTE roll-out expectations.