PS3 Gets Price Cut and HDMI 1.3

Staff Editor - Sep 22, 2006

What a nice surprise Sony have in store for those who are waiting for PS3. Sony’s Ken Kutaragi just announced that PS2 with the 20GB would be priced at ¥49,980 ($428) instead of ¥62,790. To those who love HD and planning to watch HD movies on PS3 will be happy to know that PS3 will also includes HDMI 1.3 output. Even though the pricing of PS3 is still higher than XBOX360 or Wii, the price cut makes it attractive again especially with the addition of HDMI support. So guys, get ready to line up in the cold winter weather to get one.

PS3 price cut by 20%, now includes HDMI 1.3 [via engadget]

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