PS3 Games to Cost a Fortune?

Benjamin Nied - Sep 25, 2006

Well, maybe not an literal fortune, but the news coming out of TGS 2006 isn’t promising. Japanese gaming website Impress Watch has reported, citing several “reliable” sources, that the PlayStation 3’s games will run buyers between 8,800 and 9,800 yen. In US dollars, that translates to roughly between $76 and $84 USD. So on top of the $425 console (Japanese price), buyers can also expect to pay almost $100 to get just one game to play on their new, ultra-powerful console.

While US prices for games weren’t part of the report, one can assume that the prices Stateside will be similar. So over here, assuming you can find a console for Christmas, you’ll be paying $499 for the console, $75 for one game, and at least one extra controller. So between the game and the console, you’re looking at closer to $600+ (after tax); should you decide to get a 60 GB PS3, the price will be over $700. So start saving, ladies and gentlemen; Christmas is only a few months off!

[via IGN]

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