PS3 Facebook update inbound

The PS3 has been getting all sorts of new features lately that are adding to its appeal greatly. One of the coolest new features is the Netflix on-demand capability that uses BD-Live to access the streaming library of content at Netflix. If you are big on social networking, you will like the screens that turned up on the Sony website showing Facebook integrated into the console.Pocket-lint reports that it has no idea when exactly when the update adding Facebook, the world's largest social networking site, will hit the PS3. The addition of Facebook marks one more feature that the Xbox had and the PS3 didn't off the list.

Also noted in the screen shots was the ability to change the color of your gamercard. If you want a color to reflect your mood, I guess you will be able to do that once the update hits. Since Sony has the screens on its website, I would figure the update isn't too far out.