PS Vita gets old-school summer with PSOne gaming

Ben Kersey - Jul 5, 2012, 4:18am CDT
PS Vita gets old-school summer with PSOne gaming

If you’re a fan of Sony’s products then there’s some good news out of Japan: the next software update for the PS Vita, 1.80, will add the ability to play classic PSOne titles. Around 700 titles will be available to play, which isn’t a bad haul at all, but they’ll see staggered releases. We imagine being able to play Tomb Raider or Final Fantasy VII on the go will appeal to quite a few gamers.

The other big news from Sony Japan is that the PlayStation 3 will gain the ability to download and play classic PS2 titles. That’s maybe a bit of a sore point for consumers, with the original PlayStation 3 featuring backwards compatibility with PS2 games while future versions removed the functionality. These new downloadable titles will work across any PS3 as well.

PS2 titles will launch in the PlayStation Store on July 25th, and games will include Biohazard Code: Veronica, Dragon Force, and Decisive Warfare. Titles will cost between ¥800 (~$10) and ¥1,500 (~$18.8), but there’s no word yet on if Sony plans to bring the the same functionality to consoles outside of Japan.

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