PS Vita could succeed with more PS3 integration

Sony's PS Vita could get a good boost from integration with the PS3 console. With casual mobile gaming becoming popular, the dedicated next-gen gaming portable didn't get quite the reception it was hoping for. But if it can enhance the PS3 gaming experience or somehow work in tandem with the console, it could offer a gaming experience like none other.

Capcom has recently announced that Sony's PS Vita will be the "ultimate controller" for the PS3 version of the Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 game. It features dual analog sticks as well as all of the PS3's face buttons, which means that it can not only duplicate the controller experience, but also add extra touch features to perform moves or attacks exclusive to it. In a way it could work in a similar fashion to what Nintendo has planned with the Wii U.

There's also the possibility of having more support for remote play. The PS Vita has already been shown to work with the graphically intensive Killzone 3 game title when it comes to remote play suggesting that many other titles could also support this functionality. Players could be able to save game data from their PS3 console and pick up where they left off on the PS Vita if they have to be on the go.

The PS Vita is set to launch here in the states in February. These connectivity options between the device an the PS3 console are expected to be available at launch or soon thereafter. GameStop has already begun listing the device, its accessories, and corresponding release dates.

[via PlayStation Lifestyle]