PS Remote Play iOS app now supports PS5 DualSense controller

Although game streaming is slowly catching on these days thanks to Google Stadia and Microsoft Xbox Game Pass, Sony has actually been offering something similar more than a decade ago. Remote Play, of course, just streams the game locally from a PlayStation console already present at home but it still offers some measure of convenience for those who don't want to always be in the living room. Sony is now expanding that platform by just a bit, finally bringing support for the PS5 DualSense controller in the Remote Play app, at least under some circumstances.

The new PlayStation 5 naturally brought with it a new controller with new features. The new DualSense controller naturally isn't immediately supported by the PS Remote Play app but that has slowly been changing in the past months. Following its availability on Windows and macOS, Sony is adding support for the controller to the Remote Play mobile app.

The catch is that this only applies to Apple devices, that is those using the iOS or iPadOS Remote Play app. Android gamers will unfortunately still be stuck with DUALSHOCK4 controllers, not that they will be missing out on a lot of new features completely anyway.

IGN reports that DualSense support is actually a hit or miss, depending on what game you're on. The fancy new adaptive triggers apparently work but haptics sometimes don't. Headphone and speaker support are still missing but it isn't yet clear if and when those will be coming. More importantly, it also isn't clear when Android users will be treated to the same new feature.

While it isn't exactly beholden to a faster Internet connection, PS Remote Play does require you to still have a fast home network. Even if you do, the mobile device might actually become the network bottleneck to the point that you might be better off playing your PS4 or PS5 games on a PC or Mac with a wired connection to your router anyway.