PS Move motion control tech to be offered to research and academia via Move.Me

Geeks are hacking the Microsoft Kinect motion controller all over the place to do all sorts of stuff that it was never meant to do. Several of the hacks have had to do with using the Kinect to control robots. The last time I mentioned a hack it was to control a Roomba vacuum cleaner. Sony wants people in the research and academic communities to hack its Move motion controller too.

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that it has a new application called Move.Me that will being offered to students, researchers and hacker geeks to allow them to take the move controller and the Move.Me software app and create control systems for using Move on a PC using their PS3. Sony hopes that the application will allow all sorts of innovation.

For instance, Sony hopes that medical pros could use the software to create an app for patients that are undergoing physical therapy. Sony also thinks that students could use the Move software to create controls for 3D modeling, motion capture, and augmented reality. The software will work on any Windows or Linux computer and it will work with any device from tablets to a smartphone that can receive Move data and connect to a PS3. Move.Me will be available for download this spring.