PS Audio ships IP-enabled PowerPlay power conditioners

Remotely access power management system is not a new application in IT fields for server or datacenter services; but it's for home-theater appliances, especially a niche market product such as power conditioner. Announced exactly one year ago, PS audio finally gets the go-ahead to ship its globally accessible, IP-enabled power conditioner Powerplay today.

Besides conditioning the power system for much cleaner AC power to sensitive electrical equipment, Owner of PowerPlay products can communicate and its connected device via web browser, iPhone or any other web enabled devices, to control power usage or any sorts of power adjustments. The major advantage according to the manufacturer is its Powerplay operates without the need of a static IP address like other networked power conditioners. It's a simple plug-n-play device without the hassle of specific port setting or maintenance.

It's a particular useful feature to has, says if you have to hard reboot your Tivo from a remote location or if you are a custom installer providing a full Home Theater Management service for a client, common task can be done as simple as with a click of a mouse. Available now via authorized dealers, PowerPlays are retailed for $600 to $1,995.

[PS audio via electronicshouse]