Proxy42 mixes AR and shooters with a smartphone attachment

If you are any type of gamer, especially of the FPS bent, you will probably have dreamed of a day when you can play out your action fantasies in the real world. Without dire consequences, of course. Laser tag games and their limited, simulated environments just don't cut it. Those dreams might soon become reality thanks to the efforts of Proxy42, its AR game called, and a new 363R Trigger smartphone accessory that turns the whole world into your virtual sci-fi shooter playground.

Mobile augmented reality games are nothing new, with Google's own Ingress perhaps the most popular. In fact, shares many traits of that game, splitting players into two camps. There are differences, of course, like in the setting, which takes place far into the future unlike Ingress' modern day timeline. And, while Ingress focuses on less violent means of conquering territory, encourages you to shoot your enemies. Not literally, of course.

This is where the 363R Trigger comes in. While the game itself can be installed on any smartphone, Android or iOS, the real genius, if not madness, comes via this attachment. Clipped on and paired with a smartphone, it turns your mobile device into a virtual gun and radar. It can sense when there are enemies nearby and alert you to that fact. Whether you hunt them down or run in the opposite direction is all up to you. Or rather, it's up to your opponent whether he or she decides to look for you as well.

It's a rather interesting idea that could have potential, but might also be awkward to pull off in the real world. Unlike in Ingress, where you can perform your actions discreetly, Proxy42's game requires you to raise your device as if taking a photo of your opponent, except you won't be shooting photos but shooting virtual lasers instead. And of course, you can't expect everyone to be always standing still. In an almost empty area, it could be fun. In a crowded location, it might be a nuisance to the non-playing public.

The app for is free to download but naturally the trigger is going to cost you. For now, Proxy42 is trying to raise funds by crowdsourcing the manufacturing of the attachment. For backers, the 363R Trigger will cost $59 and is expected to ship out third quarter next year.


VIA: VentureBeat