Proxim Orinoco AP-8000 uses two 802.11n radios

If you're looking to get a serious speed boost on your Internet connection, you should definitely check out the Proxim Orinoco AP-8000. This device actually uses two 802.11n radios at once, doubling the throughput to 320Mbps.

And while this sounds simple, it's not exactly. Proxim uses a different type of wireless architecture in order to allow for an intelligent sharing of information between the radios. The radio chips are Atheros 802.11n and a Freescale controller processor is also included.

While this can't exactly be used in consumer applications at the moment, it does have potential. At the moment, it merely can be used for enterprise networks in order to bring in more data at once. You can get the Proxim Orinoco AP-8000 now for $1,099.