ProScope Micro Mobile adds a microscope to your iPhone or iPad

When it comes to accessories for your iPhone or iPad, there really are accessories for every need. If you need to be able to attach a microscope over the camera lens of your iPhone or iPad, there is an accessory for that. A company called Bodelin Technologies has introduced a new accessory for the iPhone and iPad called the ProScope Micro Mobile.

The company says that the ProScope Micro Mobile is the first professional handheld microscope for the iPad, iPhone, iPad mini, iPod Touch, and other mobile devices. The microscope accessory itself uses precision optical glass allowing edge to edge imaging and magnification ranging from 20x up to 80x. The microscope attachment features 12 white LEDs arranged in two alternating circles around the lens allowing for polarized and reflecting light.

Light output from those LEDs is intensity adjustable with a three-way power saving switch. The light is powered by an internal lithium-ion battery promising up to five hours of continuous use of the LEDs. When that battery pack runs out, it can be recharged by connecting the lens lighting system to a USB port.

The microscope can also be used to view slides using any sort of backlighting, including things like a photographer's light pad and more. The microscope itself is the same for any device with the company offering special sleeves to fit individual Apple gadgets for holding the microscope in place over the camera lens. There are currently sleeves available for the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, fourth and fifth generation iPod Touch, iPad mini, and the full-size iPad. Pre-ordering for the ProScope Micro Mobile is underway now for $149 with shipping kicking off on May 1.

[via Bodelin]