Props from Lost being auctioned off

Lost was a cool show, though it did get a bit tedious after the first few seasons. Now that the show is over all the props from the series are being auctioned off. Among the items are things like that satellite phone Naomi carried, Dharma Beer, that sweet orange Camaro Hurley drove, and more.

One of the props being auctioned off that might be of interest to geeks is the Apple-II Plus computer and its Apple-III monitor and Disk-II floppy drive. You might recall the computer and the system that Desmond and the others had to use to enter the numbers every 108 minutes.

Desmond's failure to enter these numbers on time is what caused the flight all the survivors were on to crash. The prop computer was used at both the Swan and Pearl station sets. It's not clear if the machine is working or not. Who knows how much the thing will go for.