Propaganda Stap Man Stapler satisfies office Pac Man needs

Brenda Barron - Jul 13, 2009

Who doesn’t love Pac Man? I know I do. And for most people, the prospect of sneaking in a few dot-chasing, ghost-evading moments throughout the typical office job day is pretty exciting. Or, at least better than typing, copying, scanning and printing all day long.

For those that love Pac Man, or just want a desktop distraction, there’s the Stap Man Stapler from Propaganda. This gadget is first and foremost a stapler. Yes, you can punch down on this thing and it will bind sheets of paper together with pointy metal precision.

But it comes in the form of a “Stap Man,” which I guess is one way of saying Pac Man without the trademark lawsuit. So that’s pretty cool. Will this stapler make the day more exciting? Probably not. But will it liven up your desk and make stapling papers a little more fun? Sure. And for about $26, why not?

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