projectiondesign FR12 RLS distances bulb for cool, quiet running

Sometimes a clever idea comes along and you kick yourself for not thinking of it first. One of the biggest issues with projectors – and one of the key problems for them in domestic environments – is the noise from fans required to cool the lamp. Now, projectiondesign have split up the lamp from the projector assembly altogether: their FR12 Remote Light Source (RLS) projector hides the lamp in a rack-mounted enclosure, with a 30m Liquid Light Guide (LLG) lead connecting the two.

That means the projector head is completely silent, is smaller and is cooler running, as well as being virtually maintenance-free. The company reckon the FR12 RLS will find a home in 24/7 control rooms, but we reckon they'll find plenty of home entertainment installers interested too.

In addition, it's also easier to change the bulb since it's readily accessible in a rack mount rather than hanging from the ceiling or integrated into a hidden cubby in the wall. No word on pricing or availability, projectiondesign will debut the FR12 RLS projector at ISE 2010.

[via Gizmag]