Projected Pong puts your flat into the gameplay [Video]

"Show me a person who does not love Pong," Descartes once said, "and I will show you a person with no soul."  Heady words indeed (and then he got back to rejecting religious dogma), and a sentiment obviously shared by the students at the National Institute of Design in India.  They've put together a VR glove that controls a huge projected Pong wall, with the ball bouncing around various physical elements of the room as if they were part of the game.Video demo after the cut

It's all part of a project called "Ping Pong Game with Physical boundaries on an architectural wall" which is a pretty dry way of saying "hey, the ball bounces off the stairs!"  The VR glove itself consists of an Arduino, 3-axis accelerometer and a gyroscope, which then interfaces with custom software driving the Pong game and the projector.

Moving your hands moves the Pong paddle, and the software has been preset with the more distinctive elements of the physical environment so as to take them into account in the gameplay.  It's not quite the disc game in Tron yet, but throw in a few more projectors and some lycra costumes and you wouldn't be far off.

[Thanks Andy!]