Project Stella elliptical step sequencer

The great thing about musical hardware is that you can admire it as a musician, recognizing how useful it might be to create awesome new tracks, or merely as someone who likes buttons and knobs.  Project Stella is no exception: JoeLMutantE's analog step sequencer may be based on an old P3 sequencer kit, but with its non-traditional ellipsoidal layout it looks thoroughly modern.

The design isn't just for aesthetic purposes, either.  Unlike a normal sequencer, which usually encourages you to think in four-step grids, Project Stella makes no such suggestions as to patterns.  Instead, steps whirl around the outer orbit, controlled by two loops of oh-so-tempting knobs.

There's also plenty of randomization, which all together adds up to what JoeLMutantE describes as music that is "more natural and so different".  it's enough to make you want to build your own, but therein lies the rub: Sequentix no longer manufacture the P3 kit.

[via MAKE]