Project Spark Beta released for Xbox One today

Chris Burns - Mar 4, 2014, 10:26 am CST
Project Spark Beta released for Xbox One today

Today the do-it-yourself gaming environment known as Project Spark is set to hit Xbox One in Beta form. This platform will be open for Beta play on a global scale, also running with Windows 8.1 for desktop editing, the two platforms able to interact in a way never before possible. While Windows 8.1’s build has been out since December of 2013, the Xbox One component hits this afternoon.

This will be the first game with cross-platform capabilities and Cloud Saving in a DIY environment for the Xbox One once it’s released in full in the near future. With a late 2014 release date in place, Microsoft has been clear that users of the Beta will have a direct effect on the final release of the game, showing the developers behind the wheel what works, what doesn’t, and what might be most excellent in the end.

This game creation game, as it might be called, has Team Dakota helping you explore the possibilities in a fully digital canvas they’ve also dubbed a “world-creation game.” Beta participants are encouraged to create and share what they’ve created with the public worldwide – this is a global beta, after all, with no restrictions on sharing.

While this game might seem – on the surface – to be similar to EverQuest Next Landmark, here you’re creating games instead of architecture for exploring. With Project Spark you take command as a developer inside a game developed for all.

This game requires that you sign up through the Join Project Spark page, allowing you access to both the Xbox One and Windows 8.1 version of the editor and gameplay environment. Have at it!

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