Project Glass parody video calls Google's bluff

Less than 24 hours after Google's reveal this week of the heads-up VR Project Glass, comedian Tom Scott has created a viral send-up of the glasses complete with concern for their real-life applicability. What we've got here from Scott is a video that's extremely similar to what we saw yesterday from Google, only here it's showing the pitfalls of such a system as its imagined today. Scott's version of Project Glass doesn't exactly have the same shiny ring to it that Google's does.

These glasses have the same alerts, requests, and abilities that the real Project Glass concept does, but here there's not so much finesse. Is this what will really happen when we rely almost solely on voice commands – a computer that listens constantly and does not exactly always do what we wish it to? Truly this wouldn't be the product we were hoping for, would it?

Walking along the street with notifications popping up in front of you in the middle of the day might not be what you were looking for, Google fans. We're expecting that not just due to this video Google will be addressing concerns as the project develops. There's always room for humor in the conceptual design world – Tom Scott's here is perfectly on point.