Project Fi group repay splits your bill to save arguments

This week the folks at Google have split the bill up for users of Google Fi. Because so many Project Fi users split their costs between multiple users on the same plan, Google is embracing the reality of the situation. Instead of pushing for additional costs, as some similar companies have done in the past, Google is making it easier to do the split – they do it from their side of the equation.

Google does have a Project Fi group plan instead of just offering one sort of wireless plan – that's part of this situation. Instead of hassling about which person on the plan used the most data and which person owes what percentage of the bill, Google's app does the checking. Each person is given the percentage of the bill that they're responsible – it's only fair.

Users can choose to separate their bill with several different split options. One is to pay the same fixed amount for each person on the bill. Another is to make each person pay "Their Individual Total" – which accounts for the amount of data each person used. There's also an "Additional Data Only" option which allows the user to pay only for the extra costs for the month, where applicable.

Once the repayment options are selected, Project Fi will send repayment notifications to group plan members. Each user will have the option of paying with Google Wallet, as is standard with Google Fi. This system also allows repayments to be automatically taken from a debit card or checking account.

To access Group Repay, users should open the Project Fi app – that's where the fun begins. Inside the app the user will head to the Account Billing section – and there will be settings for group repay. This feature will begin to be rolled out to users starting today, and should be available to all Project Fi users by the end of the week.