Project Ara modules to include conductive ink printing

3D Systems, the company tasked with printing the component modules for Google's upcoming $50 Project Ara smartphone, has updated the public on its production efforts. Among talk of the production platform in the works, the company says it is working towards the development of conductive inks that will be used when printing out functional modules.

The development is being done alongside Carnegie Mellon University and X5 Systems, says 3D Systems. Beyond this, the modules will also be printable in both hard and soft materials, and in the color spectrum CMYKWT: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white and clear.

As for the 3D printing platform itself, 3D Systems has elected to avoid the commonly used reciprocating system marked by speed increases and decreases, which elongates print time. Instead, the company is developing a continuous motion system for more streamlined printing.

Said 3DS's Founder and CEO Chuck Hull, "The combination of exponential creation technology with exponential information technology translates to unprecedented capability and adaptability for the consumer. The scale of this project and its practical functionality are an exciting step into the future."

SOURCE: 3DSystems