Progressive Snapshot hardware details revealed

I bet you have heard the commercials on TV and on the radio for the Progressive Snapshot discount program. Progressive Insurance many will send the driver a Snapshot device that they can plug into their car and the device will gather details on how they drive and then share the details with Progressive. If the insurance company likes what they see likes what they see you can get up to a 30% discount on insurance rates.

The snapshot hardware is a little box that you plug into the OBDII port under your steering wheel on your car. It records information automatically and will then share it. Progressive says that the device is looking for things like gentle braking and driving fewer miles than the average driver in your state.

The device also looks at how much you drive during peak hours of midnight to 4am. The hardware won't be used to up your rates according to the company and it takes about 30 days for any earned discounts to show up. Progressive says the device captures no speed data or GPS information.