Progress Eagle concept imagines zero-emissions air travel

We've seen a number of vehicular concepts, but some have turned their sights to the sky and envisioned what the future of traveling amongst the clouds might look like. Previously a futuristic design for the AWWA Sky Whale concept was introduced, and now its designer — Oscar Vinals — has updated his own ambitions, creating a new concept called the AWWA-QG Progress Eagle. It's a triple-decker zero-emissions plane, and were it to be made it would be able to carry around 800 passengers.

The designer imagines his concept could become a reality in 2030 or thereabouts, and rather than using traditional fuel, it would utilize half a dozen hydrogen engines. A rear engine would also serve as a wind turbine, and there would be solar panels integrated into the window for helping reclaim some energy. As with zero-emissions vehicles, it would also be nearly silent.

Because the plane is so large, the designer also envisions it having another class superseding first class, and it would be called "pilot class". The pilot class would give the passengers there panoramic views of the sky around them, and could be complemented by train-like areas on the plane to buy food and drinks, and perhaps even private rooms.

According to the designer, in the present age we have 40-percent of the technology what would be required to build this plane, hence his 2030 figure. It would need, among other things, quantum solar cells, micro radio wave harvesters, nanowires, and more to become reality. Check out the video below for more!

SOURCE: CNN, Behance