Professor Einstein robot is your own personal teacher

The average consumer can buy a robot that vacuums their carpet, cleans their grill, but how about one that exists solely to educate? Thus enters Professor Einstein, a personal robot measuring more than a foot tall with an appearance like the man after whom it is named. Professor Einstein offers various facial expressions, understands what you're saying to it, and responds to your queries. The team behind it claims their product is one of the 'most advanced' personal-tier robots currently available.

Professor Einstein is decked out in black dress slacks and a cream-color shirt, a black tie and shiny black shoes. He features flowing silver locks, a bushy mustache, and can do things like stick out his tongue and point his finger. According to the team behind Professor Einstein, their robot is capable of making more than 50 gestures, as well as expressions like frowning and smiling.

The robot is made to be educational, and it works with both Android tablets and iPads to offer interactive games related to math and science. If you're not in the mood for playing games, the robot can also be used for 'chitchat,' such as asking it questions about math, the weather, or famous people. The robot runs for up to three hours on a charge, and features rechargeable batteries.

As we'd expect, the robot also features built-in WiFi, which in this case facilitates the downloading of new educational apps from the cloud for additional learning. The robot comes with a year of cloud service for free; cost after that isn't clear. Finally, the robot can also be used to manage your to-do list and calendar, and he'll offer up reminders when you need them.

Professor Einstein was launched the beginning of this year on crowdfunding website Kickstarter, where the team managed to raise its funding goal. In an update posted this week, the company apologized for the shipping delay to backers, but said it is aiming to get the product out to backers next week. If all goes as planned, the Professor Einstein robot will launch in an online store for everyone on August 4.

SOURCE: Kickstarter