Professional Home Cinema speakers provide concert-level volume

Brenda Barron - Sep 11, 2008
Professional Home Cinema speakers provide concert-level volume

If you are a real home theatre enthusiast, these Professional Home Cinema speakers designed by L. Paul Hales are sure to capture some attention. After all, they can produce concert-volume sound.

These speakers are intended for the true audiophile that really doesn’t care if their neighbors hate them. The SCR-12 is a “Screen Channel” loudspeaker that can produce unrestricted volume levels like you’d hear at the local movie theatre. With digital signal processing, time-alignment and high-resolution frequency response shaping, these speakers can produce up to 130 decibels!

Measuring in at 24x15x12, the SCR-12 cost $4,000 each and can be paired with the PHC amplifiers. The entire system, including 5.1, subwoofers and the works, would cost you about $30,000. So, if you’re serious about your audio, and perhaps, have a well-insulated movie theatre built into your house, this set up is the expensive, albeit, top of the line choice.

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