PRODUCT RED iPhone 8 Verizon, T-Mobile details announced

The red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are real and they're coming on Friday. Of course, you can already pre-order one tomorrow. Naturally, retailers and carriers are also getting into the spirit and are putting up their own promos to add a bit of spice to the red-hot phone. So far T-Mobile and Verizon have been quick to raise their hands and are providing some deals to ease the burden of buying a new iPhone, which is never a small thing.

The red iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are more than just a fashion statement, they're also an advocacy. Done in collaboration with (PRODUCT)Red, a part of the proceeds from each purchase goes into helping raise awareness and fight HIV/AIDS. In the past, Apple also introduced other red-themed promos beyond an iPhone, though we have to wait and see if it will be the same this year.

Almost like an iPhone launch deja vu, dates and prices are in sync, and so are the promos to lure subscribers in. pre-orders start tomorrow, Wednesday, with a full launch scheduled on Friday. No price difference for the new color and the iPhone 8 starts at $699. If you already have an iPhone X and still want to show your support, a $69 red leather folio case is also available.

On T-Mobile, the RED iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are available on the carrier's Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) and JUMP! On Demand (JOD) like other color variants. Tmo's BOGO is also still in effect and applies to the red colors as well.

iPhone 8 64 GB – EIP: $0 down, $29.17/month, JOD: $0 down, $29/month

iPhone 8 256 GB – EIP: $177.99 down, $28/month, JOD: $219.99 down, $23/month

iPhone 8 Plus 64 GB – EIP: $79.99 down, $30/month, JOD: $0 down, $33/month

iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB – EIP: $229.99 down, $30/month, JOD: $279.99 down, $24/month

• BOGO – Buy an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus under EIP and get $700 rebate on a second iPhone 8 and a new line

Verizon, on the other hand, is offering 50% discount when you trade in an old phone. This promo also applies to the new (PRODUCT)RED models.

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