Princeton MyDitto NAS offers easy remote access with USB key

Just about every NAS offers a way to open up the contents of your network-attached storage to external access, allowing you to quickly retrieve a document or media file you've forgotten while on the move, but all too often the settings required are too tricky for the average user. Princeton reckons it has the answer, though, with the MyDitto DE-MD2H2T, a 2TB drive that comes with a USB stick that when plugged into a remote computer automatically gives access to the NAS' files.

The MyDitto USB key loads a special management app and automatically negotiates the encrypted link between whichever computer you're on and the NAS back home. Rather than having to remember passwords and login URLs, it's a simple case of jamming in the stick and browsing the directories as if you were on your home network. Up to thirty keys can be registered to any one MyDitto unit (supporting four active simultaneously).

There's also a pair of USB 2.0 ports for hooking up external storage, a gigabit ethernet port for your network, and UPNP/DLNA and iTunes server support. Princeton also offer an iOS app for remote access from your iPhone. The Princeton MyDitto DE-MD2H2T is available in Japan now, priced at 39,800 yen ($484) for the main NAS (with two keys); twin packs of extra keys are 2,980 yen each ($36).

[via Akihabara News]