Prince 03 Speedport Tour - Swappable parts to improve your game

If there's one sport that I'm absolutely terrible at, it's tennis. While my golf skills may be lacking, I can at least make up for it by putting my putt-putt skills to work on the green. Tennis on the other hand, just doesn't happen. If you're good enough to hit the ball and actually make it land within the designated box, you might enjoy this new racket from Prince.

Yes, I know, a tennis racket doesn't usually fall under tech gadgets, but this one is actually pretty cool. The O3 Speedport Tour features a set of swappable adapters that let you change the feel and performance of your racket. The idea is that the different holes will allow the racket to be strung in a different way, thus providing a different feel.

Since this affects how the strings are placed, you'll have to set it up while you're restringing the racket. No hot-swapping of parts here. I've only played tennis a few times, so I'm not sure that a fancy racket would actually help my game any, but if you like this idea, it will et you back $220.

Prince O3 Speedport Tour Racquet For Tennis Tuners [via ohgizmo]