Prime Video makes a bunch of kids shows free for anyone to stream

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Amazon has made a bunch of children's programming available to stream for free, meaning you no longer need an Amazon Prime Video subscription to watch it. The content is a mixture of third-party and original shows from Amazon, including well-known offerings like Peppa Pig and Arthur, as well as newer things Just Add Magic and Pete the Cat.

With most of the world's population remaining isolated indoors as much as possible — and with children across the US out of school potentially until this fall or beyond — streaming services are experiencing a massive uptick in user numbers. A number of services have agreed to throttle their stream quality in Europe as a result of the increased demand.

For parents who are stuck at home all day with young children, Amazon has a treat: around 40 kids shows that are now available to stream without a Prime Video subscription. According to Variety, users still need an Amazon account to sign in to the service in order to stream these shows.

The exact shows made available varies based on the region — Peppa Pig, for example, is made available to customers in Europe. To simplify things, Amazon has created a portal specifically for free children's content on its Prime video platform here.

Prime Video subscribers get access to a larger body of content, plus there are other streaming services that offer shows for kids. Disney+ is the top streaming service for family-friendly content at this point in time, but Netflix also offers many TV shows and movies for kids, including third-party and original content.