Prime Video app gets clip-sharing feature, but only on iOS

Amazon has launched a new smart video clipping tool for its Prime Video platform, enabling its subscribers to indirectly promote the company's content by sharing their favorite scenes on social media. The feature covers Amazon Originals and is limited to customers in the US — and, for a time at least, to users who watch Prime Video on iOS.

The new Prime Video feature is powered by Amazon's X-Ray technology. Assuming you're watching an Amazon Original show via the company's Prime Video iOS app, you can tap the screen to pull up the X-Ray view. The interface now includes a "Share a clip" option that, when tapped, pulls up video editing features.

The Prime Video app will automatically create a video clip from the last 30 seconds of watched footage. Users can then manually scrub through the video clip and trim it to the section they want to share with others.

The app adds a Prime Video watermark to the clip and supports direct sharing on select social media platforms and messaging apps, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, and Messenger. There doesn't appear to be an option to directly save the video clip so that it can be uploaded to other platforms.

The initial launch is limited to only select Amazon Original shows, including Fairfax, Invincible, The Wilds, and the first season of The Boys. However, other Amazon Original shows and movies will also support video clip sharing in the future.

Amazon didn't say anything about plans to release the same video clip sharing feature in the Prime Video Android app, so it's unclear whether there are plans to expand the option beyond the iPhone. We've reached out to Amazon for more details.