Price-Cut PlayBook Still Unpopular

The Blackberry PlayBook has been a sales disappointment for RIM since it was launched. Consumers simply didn't buy the tablet and those that did aren't happy that the Playbook lacks the basic features that you expect in a tablet like email and others. RIM recently confirmed that the Playbook OS 2.0 wouldn't come until February 2012 bringing email and Android app support to the tablet.

To help spur the purchase of the Playbook by consumers retail partners have been hacking significant amounts off the price to lure buyers away from other tablets. The Register reports that in the US, prices had as much as $200 chopped off and sellers in the UK are offering £150 discounts. Despite the significant discounts, RIM still hasn't been able to get consumers to purchase the Playbook.

The discounts did spur a slight uplift in sales, but overall sales are still disappointing. Perhaps sales of the Playbook will pick up early next year when the 2.0 OS lands and the tablet gets some of the basic features it is lacking without connecting to a Blackberry Smartphone. RIM has so far denied any plans to discontinue the Playbook, but if OS 2.0 fails to lure new buyers, the tablet can't continue as it is now for much longer.

[via ChannelRegister]