Press release reinforces rumors that Google Fiber will head to Austin, Texas

There were some recent reports that stated that Google was planning on bringing Google Fiber to Austin, Texas, and those reports were reinforced when both Google and the city of Austin issued out special invitations for a press conference tomorrow. They kept very hush hush about the situation, saying that they're announcing something "very important". It's fairly obvious that its about Google Fiber, but no one knows for sure.

However, The University Community Next Generation Innovation Project (aka Gig.U) issued a press release congratulating both Google and Austin, Texas on the expansion of Google Fiber in the city known for its SXSW festival. Gig.U Executive Director Blair Levin states that the expansion of Google Fiber will "pay enormous dividends for the country" by developing the "human capital America needs to lead a global economy that increasingly creates value with big data and big bandwidth."

Gig.U was formed by a group of leading research universities and their local communities in hopes of collaborating together in order to create next-gen applications. Levin states that the expansion of Fiber in Austin "demonstrates that university communities are increasingly recognized as attractive partners for next-generation network deployments."

Just a couple of hours after Gig.U issued their press release, they had to pull it. It may have been accidentally scheduled to release a day early. While the press release does reinforce the Austin/Google Fiber rumors even further, we won't know for sure until tomorrow if Google Fiber will be making its way to Austin. Google Fiber brings 1Gbps connection speeds, 100 times faster than normal broadband, to your home, and only for $70 a month. You can get the Google Fiber Gigabit and TV combo for $120 a month. Or if you want, you can get regular broadband speeds for free (after the $300 installation fee).

[via Engadget]