President Obama's super-secret Blackberry cost $3,300!

Just because you're one of the most power person in the world does not mean that you can use whatever phone you want.  So will President Obama get to keep his Blackberry?  The short answer is "maybe" pending approval from NSA.  CNN contacted NSA inquiring whether the agency will approve the super-secret $3,300 Blackberry and was directed to the White House which wouldn't say which device the President has.

What makes this Blackberry so special?  Well, for starters, it's one of the most expensive Blackberry in existence and on top of that, it's not available for normal folks like you and I.  Pres. Obama's Blackberry, is actually two Blackberry devices in one, made by General Dynamic.  It's unclassified PDA that can go out to the Internet to sites like or check flights, and with a click of a red button, the device switches over to a classified website granting access to secret emails or secret websites.  Making phone calls comes in two modes; non-secret and secret mode with a click of the red background and it's a top-secret phone.

While this new device addressed a lot of the security concerns, we'll have to see how this plays out.  I'm left with questions like does it have a self or manual destruct button in the event of loss or being stolen?  There was no mention of finger print scan for access.  We'll stay on top of this and get back with you as soon as we hear more.  For now, enjoy CNN's inside look at the device.