President Obama to host "Fire-side Hangout" after State of the Union

Tomorrow President Obama will be delivering the nation's 200th State of the Union, and will be addressing the country during a joint session of Congress in the nation's capital. However, the President will also be hosting a Google+ "Fire-side Hangout" two days later on Thursday, February 14 at 4:50 pm ET to answer your questions.

This will be President Obama's fourth time conducting a Google+ Hangout in which he answers viewers' questions, so this certainly isn't anything new for him. Plus, Vice President Biden and Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Munoz have held their own Google+ Hangouts as well over the past few weeks to discuss various issues.

You can submit questions for President Obama's Hangout session by heading to the White House's YouTube channel and submitting a video or text question. Then, you can vote on questions you'd like to hear Obama answer during the Fire-side Hangout. All questions must be submitted by 11:59 pm ET on Wednesday, February 13.

President Obama's State of the Union will take place tomorrow night at 9 pm ET on all major television networks, as well as a YouTube live stream on the White House's YouTube channel, where you can follow along with various charts and other information that will show up in a new interactive sidebar during the speech.

Image via Flickr