Pre-order Fallout 3 and get a fake 45

Is there really any reason to pre-order most games except to get yourself some swag? I rarely have trouble finding a game on release day unless it's something crazy-big, and even then it usually just takes wandering into Walmart or Meijer and grabbing it. So what crazy free goodies are you going to get for pre-ordering Fallout 3 at GameStop? You'll be getting 5 free tracks from the game.

Don't let that cool cover fool you, it's not actually a 45, but rather your average run-of-the-mill CD. Still, that's a cool-looking CD and case with 5 songs that others won't be getting. Three of those songs are some old-school tracks that could be found on vinyl if you looked hard enough.

The other two tracks will be from the game's composer Inon Zur. So what are you waiting for? Go pre-order it already!

[via Bethesda]