Pre Community briefing with Palm at MWC 2009

We stopped by Palm this morning to check out the latest on the Pre; although we had been hoping that the GSM version of the handset would be announced, Palm maintain that they've no plans to confirm their European carrier at this event. Nonetheless, while shooting video of the Pre for our sibling-site Pre Community, we spotted a Vodafone SIM in what was obviously a GSM handset.

Although Palm would not discuss the WWAN capabilities of the handsets themselves, in a 1-on-1 briefing with the company we did see that the GSM Pre's were using Vodafone Spain's network. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to shoot video or photos of the on-screen confirmation.

Now this doesn't confirm that Palm and Vodafone have signed a deal making the latter the exclusive carrier in the same manner that Sprint are in the US, but given the ongoing rumors that that is the case, we're leaning towards believing it. We've got over 25 minutes of live Palm Pre demo video to edit and process; you'll find it over at Pre Community once that's done.

GSM Palm Pre on Vodafone at MWC09GSM Palm Pre on Vodafone at MWC09