Pre App Catalog passes 1m downloads mark 18 days in

Palm have notched up one-million downloads from their App Catalog just eighteen days into the public availability of the Pre.  The figures, which have been collated by analyst Medialets rather than from Palm themselves, suggest that the estimated 150,000 Pre users have each downloaded 6-7 apps each.

While that's obviously drawn comparisons with Apple's App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch, according to Medialets Palm have little to be ashamed of.  The App Store managed one million downloads earlier than Palm's version, yes, but the high number of iPhone and iPod touch users already in existence meant that, actually, downloads per user were less than the Pre has seen.

"Still comparing at the 1 million mark, the average Palm Pre user had downloaded 26x the number of apps that iPhone users had, and the average app in the App Catalog experienced 16x the number of downloads that apps in the App Store had experienced." Medialets

Right now, though, developers are being forced to wait for Palm to loosen its grip on the webOS SDK.  There's been no shortage of interest in developing for Palm's new platform, but the company themselves are limiting that potential for software through their own restricted access.

[via MyPre]